The Row Bucket Bags Tote Bags White Canvas Nylon

The Row Bucket Bags Tote Bags White Canvas Nylon

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Original camera the row nylon tote bag bucket bag

Minimalist ceiling Ni Ni Zhang Hanyun white lily upper body with the same style of grass~Row’s items are often not the most eye-catching when taken alone. But when paired well, it is easy to create an effortlessly fashionable atmosphere that makes people unable to take their eyes away. And the nylon material is superb! You are not afraid of scratches, you can knead it at will and do not need to take care of it. It is made of parachute nylon from the same channel as Pra. It has an overall waterproof coating on the outside. It is not an ordinary product on the market at all. It has a velvet texture on the inside, which is very comfortable. a feeling of. The materials used in Row’s products are completely different! Whether it’s feel or texture, to reflect Row’s “fairy air”, only the best materials are used. Ordinary materials on the market cannot reflect that feeling. You can take my details and compare them casually. The internal capacity is super large! This bag can be carried in all seasons and can be easily matched with a skirt or a coat. And it’s very low-key. If you haven’t known it before or seen the logo on the nameplate, who would know that this is a Row bag? A must-have for minimalist control:!#Totebag#canvasbag#TheRow



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