Y-3 Watch Platinum Red White Engraving Rubber Sweatpants Mechanical Movement Strap

Y-3 Watch Platinum Red White Engraving Rubber Sweatpants Mechanical Movement Strap

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[WY-3K Factory2024 Wall Crack Recommendation to Create a Classic Again] Exclusive movement in the market! ! ! 3K Patek Philippe Sport Elegance Series (Platinum Edition 5811\/1G-001 Nautilus 41MM Series) upgraded version of the original machine with noiseless engraving.
Detailed upgrade interpretation:
1⃣️The upgraded movement is all finely engraved, clear and not worn, and the texture is the ultimate.
2⃣️Upgraded automatic top, using Swiss ultra-precision bearings, and an unprecedented top-mounting technology in the industry. Achieve 100% noise reduction.
3⃣️Original movement, no fake clips, no fake balance wheel, no fake rubies. The 3k factory has completely reproduced the 3.3 mm out-of-print high-quality 330SC movement.
4⃣️ Filled with Swiss luminous coating, the Arabic numerals on the dial are super bright, and the overall brightness is harmonious and synchronized.
5⃣️Upgraded imported rubber strap, the feel and visual effect are comparable to the original. It remains anti-corrosion, odor-proof, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant in both extreme cold and high temperatures.
6⃣️Each watch in the calendar window is positioned horizontally, without any deflection or obstruction.
7⃣️ Adjust the smoothness of the head adjustment gear multiple times to reach the best state. This makes the upgraded grenade adjustment time and winding feel smooth
8⃣️The thickness of the entire watch has been upgraded to 8.2 mm, making it the thinnest mechanical watch on the Internet, which is equivalent to the original thickness. It is extremely comfortable to wear.
9⃣️Original molded watch buckle, the watch strap buckle can lock the length adjustment device, perfect joint position, no offset or movement.
WY-3K Factory2024 ingenious masterpiece Patek Philippe Sports Elegance Series 5811 upgraded original machine noiseless engraving version. It will be the first to dominate the entire network in 2024. Welcome all friends to taste it!


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